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Best Travel Software App Uses

Proper planning is important for you to have a restful and worry-free vacation whether it is weekend getaway or jammed holiday. Luckily, technology is here with us and has really changed the way we travel. From trip planners to online marketplaces for hotels and flights, you can’t miss an app designed to help travelers. But with thousands of travel apps available on the market, it can be confusing to get the right app for your trip. Lucky for you, we’ve done that part on your behalf. Here are the best travel apps that will help make sure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Google trips (Android, iOS: Free)

Google trips is a free app with the potential to store and organize all your travel information. This app makes your smartphone an all-in-one travel assistant. The app offers customized tours, maps and guides while indicating the restaurants close to your hotel. It gathers all your travel info from your Gmail account and stores it offline for you to access it with or without a WiFi connection.

Tinder (Android, iOS: Free)

Although it may not be the best way to connect with people in a new city, Tinder is the best dating app to use. When traveling as a group, this app allows you to connect with other groups in the city you visit. However, you should stick to your classics when you decide to try online dating abroad.

Uber (Android, iOS: Free)

In the recent past, getting a ride to your destination in a new city was a great hassle. However, with the introduction of apps like Uber, you can easily get on-demand transit. Uber has operations in many cities making it simple to get a ride. All you will need is a mobile or Wi-Fi connection.  Once you type in your destination on requesting the ride, Uber will connect you with a vetted driver.

Triplt (Android, iOS)

Triplt is an app that can help organize your documents and itineraries in one place before even getting to your travel destination. The app combines your travel confirmations, tickets, hotel bookings, itineraries, car reservations and other information regarding your trip in a single simple view. This then becomes the central hub for all your needs as you travel. While the free version is ad-supported, the Pro version removes the ads.

Roadtrippers (Android, iOS: Free)

If you have been dreaming of an epic road trip, this competent app is the one you need. This is a trip planning and itinerary app will help you plan your road trip in advance, discover the attractions, destinations and important stops on the way. The app also allows you to share your route with friends and family. You also plan your road trip on the roadtrippers web portal if you don’t have the app readily.

Flight Stats

This is a relevant app in case you don’t prefer the idea of having a full-service reservation program such as Google Trips. With this app, you can plug in your flight number and get to know about delays, terminals, and gates. Moreover, this app also shows flight paths for airline nerds.