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Prague, the principle city of Czech Republic and the prodigious Bohemian legacy. A truly magical place for people who wish to discover the real, untouched beauty of Europe where thousand-year-old heritages unfold in the form of striking antique gothic architecture and traditional bohemian cuisines. Czech cuisines have been largely influenced and even have influenced neighboring European countries as well as the empires that have ruled Prague over the years. Many of the desserts and tartlets that are absolutely adored in Europe were originated in Czech lands. Here are some of the best places in Prague to feast on a traditional Czech meal:

  1. Dish

Simply, one of the finest restaurants that Prague has to offer. It has an elegant retro interior of wooden tables and chic walls decorated with old-fashioned pictures. Dish is the finest burger serving bistro in town with ample flavor choices and the crispiest fries ever. It is an upscale restaurant that totally satisfies your meat cravings.

  1. Lokal Dlouha

A traditional Czech meal incomplete without beer, is the motto of Lokal Dlouha. They have a preeminent ambiance with a dining hall that looks like you belong to the communist era. Dlouha serves classically prepared homemade Czech meals that are lip-smacking to the last bite. While, their specially concocted beer is something that you cannot miss. A typical lively pub environment and fresh beer is enough said!

  1. Vinohradsky Parlament

One of the best family places to have lunch at where children at given special care with babysitters that can be monitored by an app on your cellphone. It is a relatively a cheaper alternate featuring an efficient staff and traditional Czech cuisines. The best thing is that not only the food is amazing but also serves a great view of the Miru Square and is right next door to a pub.

  1. Maitrea

Maitrea is for people who would love to have a mouth-feel of the classical Czech meaty fares but are vegetarians. Maitrea offer an extraordinary menu where everything on the menu is deliciously vegan but with a meaty edge to it. The Seitan ‘Chicken’ Kung Pao is a must try! Their Feng Shui ambiance is incredible with dimly lit hallways, a couple fountains and even a hearth. Obviously, you have to pre-book because of the crowd the place caters but definitely worth a try for a dinner for two.


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Best Travel Software App Uses

Proper planning is important for you to have a restful and worry-free vacation whether it is weekend getaway or jammed holiday. Luckily, technology is here with us and has really changed the way we travel. From trip planners to online marketplaces for hotels and flights, you can’t miss an app designed to help travelers. But with thousands of travel apps available on the market, it can be confusing to get the right app for your trip. Lucky for you, we’ve done that part on your behalf. Here are the best travel apps that will help make sure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Google trips (Android, iOS: Free)

Google trips is a free app with the potential to store and organize all your travel information. This app makes your smartphone an all-in-one travel assistant. The app offers customized tours, maps and guides while indicating the restaurants close to your hotel. It gathers all your travel info from your Gmail account and stores it offline for you to access it with or without a WiFi connection.

Tinder (Android, iOS: Free)

Although it may not be the best way to connect with people in a new city, Tinder is the best dating app to use. When traveling as a group, this app allows you to connect with other groups in the city you visit. However, you should stick to your classics when you decide to try online dating abroad.

Uber (Android, iOS: Free)

In the recent past, getting a ride to your destination in a new city was a great hassle. However, with the introduction of apps like Uber, you can easily get on-demand transit. Uber has operations in many cities making it simple to get a ride. All you will need is a mobile or Wi-Fi connection.  Once you type in your destination on requesting the ride, Uber will connect you with a vetted driver.

Triplt (Android, iOS)

Triplt is an app that can help organize your documents and itineraries in one place before even getting to your travel destination. The app combines your travel confirmations, tickets, hotel bookings, itineraries, car reservations and other information regarding your trip in a single simple view. This then becomes the central hub for all your needs as you travel. While the free version is ad-supported, the Pro version removes the ads.

Roadtrippers (Android, iOS: Free)

If you have been dreaming of an epic road trip, this competent app is the one you need. This is a trip planning and itinerary app will help you plan your road trip in advance, discover the attractions, destinations and important stops on the way. The app also allows you to share your route with friends and family. You also plan your road trip on the roadtrippers web portal if you don’t have the app readily.

Flight Stats

This is a relevant app in case you don’t prefer the idea of having a full-service reservation program such as Google Trips. With this app, you can plug in your flight number and get to know about delays, terminals, and gates. Moreover, this app also shows flight paths for airline nerds.

Lisbon is the colorful headquarter of Portugal perched on a craggy terrain by the coast. The city is renowned for its retro pastel painted houses and vintage architecture. It is a sizable magnet to couples who are planning a romantic getaway in the midst of tranquility of the long stretch of beaches along the Atlantic. What makes Lisbon a quixotic destination are the amorous hotels that provide luxury and comfort to couples who are looking for it! Here is a list of the most top rated hotels to stay in Lisbon where some of the walking legends have planned their stay:

Palacio Belmonte
Situated amidst a place of great history and a romantic destination nonetheless, Palacio Belmonte is one of Christian Louboutin’s much loved abode when he visit’s Lisbon. Elaborate and ornate suits with a great view of the antique terracotta rooftops and the Atlantic horizon. Their rooms are a flawless blend of coziness and elegance. Palacio Belmonte provides some A-Class facilities such as a gourmet restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a black marble swimming pool and even a tennis court.

Memmo Principe Real
Located at the heart of Lisbon in one of the most charming neighborhoods, the Memmo hotel is constructed in an urban historical manner. It is an impeccable specimen of immaculate ambience which is amalgamation of contemporary and archetypal styles in built and in touch alike. The hotel inhabits more than 40 lustrous lodgings with a panoramic view of the beautiful city and the magnificent Tagus River.

Solar de Costelo
The Solar de Costelo rests within the walls of St. George’s Castle, one of the most romantic places to take your partner too. It is a blend of anciently constructed rooms decorated with vintage artefacts and modern relaxations. The gardens of St. George’s Castle are definitely worth a stroll with a certainty of catching a peacock spreading its feathers. The inside of the hotel’s courtyard is cobblestoned with a fountain etched in between where the ground rooms opens to.

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa
The Altis Belem sits on the very shores of the Tagus River, so it’s undoubtable that it would have an explicable view. Feitoria is a Michelin-starred diner within the walls of the hotel and next to it the excellent spa to sooth your tiring travels. Not only the rooms and glossy and elegant but there is luxurious a rooftop pool that offers a great view directly into the river.

Vancouver, one of the most magical places in British Columbia. The atmosphere is fantastic due its very close relationship with nature. Forests and mountains surround the city walls while, the Pacific Ocean lies on its very doorstep. The outdoors are not just exploring sights but the Canadian lifestyle nevertheless, it is also a modern city waiting to be discovered. Canadian tourism often requires big bucks, especially in the ultra-modern metropolis of Vancouver. Typical lists of top free things to do in Vancouver are loggers’ ideas of a party which actually sucks! Until you want to enjoy a picnic on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge keep reading for the actual fun and free things to do.

  • First of all, visiting Canada is a great opportunity to meet some of your favorite celebrities. Vancouver is a really famous place for filming blockbuster movies and TV shows, there is at least one film set positioned any time of the year. Most of these sets hinder daily transportation by locating at public places, this is the place where you get to show your stalker skills! Instead of playing the person annoyed by the blocked road, be the bothersome fan instead. Search online for the movies that currently being shot, show up on the set and make it your foremost duty to obtain an autograph! Keep the autograph if you want as a memorabilia or sell it online and make some cash.


  • The Vancouver Art Gallery is home to the most striking exhibits, any art connoisseur would love to have a tour. While, for broke art enthusiasts there are Tuesday evenings from 5pm-9pm to enjoy a free tour at the VAG. Examine some really creative work by renowned and aspiring painters, click a photo with their grand ambiance as your backdrop or even donate (whatever loose change you have) to the museums welfare.


  • Moving on to the drinking and partying part, everyone’s favorite. Drinks are not cheap, until you are a girl and can dress nicely enough to hag drinks from desperate boys. There are some pretty cool bars in Vancouver that provide free entry for girls, so dress up the best you can and grind to the beat at someone else’s expense. However, if you think you cannot pull a stunt like that but would still love a free drink, try free tasting events arranged by private liquor stores. The Everything Wine Stores provides free samples from 2pm-6pm daily, a little bit early to get smashed but… meh. (You can always crash a wedding instead and get free food too, Canadians won’t even notice!)

Now for the atonement of all the unethical and weird stuff that you do on this trip volunteer at the Downtown Eastside. Instead of stumbling around looking for loose ends try and actually help someone. Downtown Eastside neighborhood is thick with drug addicts, destitute and people with actual bad mental health. In contrast, it has an even number of moral population that is trying to make a change, helping the needy. There are sufficient openings for volunteering available there so go on help people so you don’t feel as bad for the free stuff.

The musical heritage of United States has been the influence of multi-ethic population who have performed in varied styles and accents from the mid-20th century till the modern day. America has been the birthplace of Rock n Roll, Pop, Blues and Soul in the early 1940s to 1960s from which countless other genres were derived such as hip-hop. America has seen some great artists some and go such as Madonna, Janis Joplin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis (Costello and Presley), Elton John, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Bob Dylan and many more than you can’t even begin to name! Nonetheless, there is a list of must visit cities in US that has to this day kept the traditional soul of music alive by their vintage record store cafes, theatres and music galleries.

The largest city of Tennessee where the shadow of “The King” still menaces. The Graceland Mansion which was owned by Elvis “The King” Presley is also his burial. To this day, 41 years after the pop-rock singer’s death people come to pay homage to the deceased singer whose blues have rendered him immortal. At the East McLemore Avenue stands the Stax Museum which holds revolting exhibits such as vintage instruments, labels, costumes and records belonging to the Soul Music of America.

New York
New York has been the nurturing grounds to legendary artists. Bob Dylan commenced his otherworldly songs in the early sixties in folk taverns of Greenwich Village. The Blondies, Velvet Underground, Strokes and Talking Head all emerged from the streets of NYC. The National Museum of Jazz in New York is great storyteller of many legends, especially Charlie Parker. While, there are clubs in scattered parts of Manhattan where Dylan used to play that still play songs in tribute to man who showed us how to knock on heaven’s door.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles has a vast musical heritage that can be traced from hard rock Metallica and Guns N’ Roses to the rappers of Compton. The Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood has been the rathskeller for a multitude of heavy metal and hard rock bands. The stage has been warmed by prodigious icons including Axl Rose, The Hot Chili Peppers. While, the Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard has presented symbolic artists like Elton John and the Radiohead. Not to forget trips conducted to Compton, the origin of hip-hop and rappers like Easy-E, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube!


If you are wondering to have a Caribbean cruise trip this year and do not know anything about it here are a few points that will help you in deciding to choose the best Caribbean cruise. You must have heard about a Caribbean cruise from your friends or any other source like commercials or newspapers and I advise you to personally surf about Caribbean cruises that what really it is?
Caribbean nations are mainly popular traveling destinations for many Americans since ages. Many try to reach these through the air and mostly through sea. And that is where Caribbean Cruises comes into play. These cruises are the best way to reach your desired Caribbean nation with maximum pleasure, peace of mind and ease. You may also saves a lot of bucks if you book your cruise tickets in advance and also prepare yourself to diet in the cruise.

Caribbean cruises take you to the Caribbean Sea and you get a chance to see the natural beauty. But there are a lot of Caribbean cruises and you have to select the best Caribbean cruise from those cruises. A best Caribbean cruise is a cruise that fulfills all your demands and you get everything you need. So before choosing any cruise you must decide your likes and dislikes to make your cruise the best.

• Shop Around
To make your cruise the best Caribbean cruise you must know that which Caribbean cruise is best. It is not wrong to surf the market and check for the best Caribbean cruise. You can go to every cruise and see their portfolio and then decide whether you want to take it or not. This is a way by which you satisfy yourself that you chose the best one out.

• Ask an expert
Experience is the key to success. So ask from any expert that which is the best Caribbean cruise and then it will be easy for you to decide and it is also time saving as you will not have to panic and check the whole market. Experts are always there for you to advise you what are better for you or not. They will ask about your expectations and then tell you the Caribbean cruise that best fits you.

• Time it Right
Time management is the most important thing as best deals are offered for a short period of time and you must avail that offers to make your cruise the best Caribbean cruise. Time is money and thus you can save you money by availing these special offers.

• Bring the family or go alone
Another important decision during your search is that whether you are going alone or with your family. As many cruises offer different packages for single or for families so you must go for the respective packages and ignore the rest.

• What do you want to do at the ports
All the cruises offers different events at the ports and it is up to you that what is your demand what do you want o do at the ports either you want to do shopping or to avoid the tourists and spend your time alone.

In summary, it is your planning that makes your cruise the best Caribbean cruise. You may like our post for exciting familiar topics on all travel related articles. You can also email us the best Caribbean Cruise tips you wish to get added in this post. Have a safe Cruise Tour!