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Prague, the principle city of Czech Republic and the prodigious Bohemian legacy. A truly magical place for people who wish to discover the real, untouched beauty of Europe where thousand-year-old heritages unfold in the form of striking antique gothic architecture and traditional bohemian cuisines. Czech cuisines have been largely influenced and even have influenced neighboring European countries as well as the empires that have ruled Prague over the years. Many of the desserts and tartlets that are absolutely adored in Europe were originated in Czech lands. Here are some of the best places in Prague to feast on a traditional Czech meal:

  1. Dish

Simply, one of the finest restaurants that Prague has to offer. It has an elegant retro interior of wooden tables and chic walls decorated with old-fashioned pictures. Dish is the finest burger serving bistro in town with ample flavor choices and the crispiest fries ever. It is an upscale restaurant that totally satisfies your meat cravings.

  1. Lokal Dlouha

A traditional Czech meal incomplete without beer, is the motto of Lokal Dlouha. They have a preeminent ambiance with a dining hall that looks like you belong to the communist era. Dlouha serves classically prepared homemade Czech meals that are lip-smacking to the last bite. While, their specially concocted beer is something that you cannot miss. A typical lively pub environment and fresh beer is enough said!

  1. Vinohradsky Parlament

One of the best family places to have lunch at where children at given special care with babysitters that can be monitored by an app on your cellphone. It is a relatively a cheaper alternate featuring an efficient staff and traditional Czech cuisines. The best thing is that not only the food is amazing but also serves a great view of the Miru Square and is right next door to a pub.

  1. Maitrea

Maitrea is for people who would love to have a mouth-feel of the classical Czech meaty fares but are vegetarians. Maitrea offer an extraordinary menu where everything on the menu is deliciously vegan but with a meaty edge to it. The Seitan ‘Chicken’ Kung Pao is a must try! Their Feng Shui ambiance is incredible with dimly lit hallways, a couple fountains and even a hearth. Obviously, you have to pre-book because of the crowd the place caters but definitely worth a try for a dinner for two.


Much of this information was givien to us by our great friends at this real estate site.