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Lisbon is the colorful headquarter of Portugal perched on a craggy terrain by the coast. The city is renowned for its retro pastel painted houses and vintage architecture. It is a sizable magnet to couples who are planning a romantic getaway in the midst of tranquility of the long stretch of beaches along the Atlantic. What makes Lisbon a quixotic destination are the amorous hotels that provide luxury and comfort to couples who are looking for it! Here is a list of the most top rated hotels to stay in Lisbon where some of the walking legends have planned their stay:

Palacio Belmonte
Situated amidst a place of great history and a romantic destination nonetheless, Palacio Belmonte is one of Christian Louboutin’s much loved abode when he visit’s Lisbon. Elaborate and ornate suits with a great view of the antique terracotta rooftops and the Atlantic horizon. Their rooms are a flawless blend of coziness and elegance. Palacio Belmonte provides some A-Class facilities such as a gourmet restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a black marble swimming pool and even a tennis court.

Memmo Principe Real
Located at the heart of Lisbon in one of the most charming neighborhoods, the Memmo hotel is constructed in an urban historical manner. It is an impeccable specimen of immaculate ambience which is amalgamation of contemporary and archetypal styles in built and in touch alike. The hotel inhabits more than 40 lustrous lodgings with a panoramic view of the beautiful city and the magnificent Tagus River.

Solar de Costelo
The Solar de Costelo rests within the walls of St. George’s Castle, one of the most romantic places to take your partner too. It is a blend of anciently constructed rooms decorated with vintage artefacts and modern relaxations. The gardens of St. George’s Castle are definitely worth a stroll with a certainty of catching a peacock spreading its feathers. The inside of the hotel’s courtyard is cobblestoned with a fountain etched in between where the ground rooms opens to.

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa
The Altis Belem sits on the very shores of the Tagus River, so it’s undoubtable that it would have an explicable view. Feitoria is a Michelin-starred diner within the walls of the hotel and next to it the excellent spa to sooth your tiring travels. Not only the rooms and glossy and elegant but there is luxurious a rooftop pool that offers a great view directly into the river.