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Vancouver, one of the most magical places in British Columbia. The atmosphere is fantastic due its very close relationship with nature. Forests and mountains surround the city walls while, the Pacific Ocean lies on its very doorstep. The outdoors are not just exploring sights but the Canadian lifestyle nevertheless, it is also a modern city waiting to be discovered. Canadian tourism often requires big bucks, especially in the ultra-modern metropolis of Vancouver. Typical lists of top free things to do in Vancouver are loggers’ ideas of a party which actually sucks! Until you want to enjoy a picnic on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge keep reading for the actual fun and free things to do.

  • First of all, visiting Canada is a great opportunity to meet some of your favorite celebrities. Vancouver is a really famous place for filming blockbuster movies and TV shows, there is at least one film set positioned any time of the year. Most of these sets hinder daily transportation by locating at public places, this is the place where you get to show your stalker skills! Instead of playing the person annoyed by the blocked road, be the bothersome fan instead. Search online for the movies that currently being shot, show up on the set and make it your foremost duty to obtain an autograph! Keep the autograph if you want as a memorabilia or sell it online and make some cash.


  • The Vancouver Art Gallery is home to the most striking exhibits, any art connoisseur would love to have a tour. While, for broke art enthusiasts there are Tuesday evenings from 5pm-9pm to enjoy a free tour at the VAG. Examine some really creative work by renowned and aspiring painters, click a photo with their grand ambiance as your backdrop or even donate (whatever loose change you have) to the museums welfare.


  • Moving on to the drinking and partying part, everyone’s favorite. Drinks are not cheap, until you are a girl and can dress nicely enough to hag drinks from desperate boys. There are some pretty cool bars in Vancouver that provide free entry for girls, so dress up the best you can and grind to the beat at someone else’s expense. However, if you think you cannot pull a stunt like that but would still love a free drink, try free tasting events arranged by private liquor stores. The Everything Wine Stores provides free samples from 2pm-6pm daily, a little bit early to get smashed but… meh. (You can always crash a wedding instead and get free food too, Canadians won’t even notice!)

Now for the atonement of all the unethical and weird stuff that you do on this trip volunteer at the Downtown Eastside. Instead of stumbling around looking for loose ends try and actually help someone. Downtown Eastside neighborhood is thick with drug addicts, destitute and people with actual bad mental health. In contrast, it has an even number of moral population that is trying to make a change, helping the needy. There are sufficient openings for volunteering available there so go on help people so you don’t feel as bad for the free stuff.